Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jumping is the New Indie Trend.

Hello fellow indie followers. This week was a very good week. Picnics, Theater production auditions, Prom, After parties, Pigeons, you know the usual. We are so indie that after school we go to a park and have picnics. We call this park grinding park it is the indiest place in town (but we won't reveal its location because then it will be too mainstream). Since Sofi got a new camera for her birthday we can't stop ourselves from having indie photo shoots everyday in drama or when we go to the park.

We have high kick competitions during drama and it seems that Elisa kicks too high for her own good.

Nathan pulled Billy Elliot with this jump. He looks like a Mormon missionary, his outfit that day was very indie. Kudos to Nathan.

Even Mrs. Nichols is indie enough to jump with us before class starts.

We jump every where we go! Even when we are not at school, we like being indie 24/7.

We like embracing our inner indie child by swinging and having a good time at the park with the friends that we think are indie enough to be one of us.

Are you indie enough to hang out with us?


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back to normal

Omg sorry about the long wait. we've been really busy with the musical. you know the less known theatre art? that one. we've been quite consumed with this side project seeing that my band, the Meow Meows decided to replace me for no reason. saying i was "too much of a diva", "talk-ho" or that i was always "hitting sam". whatevs. i just wish they didn't steal all my songs and leave me destitute, my clothing style as a bum hasn't really changed much though. i'm a hipster. i like the worn in look.

here's some pictures of me being a star!

i always practice backstage

Backstage with ciara and sam(the yoko of my former band)