Sunday, March 28, 2010

3/22-3-26 beginning and end of a fashion craze.

The fashion world is very competitive. fads come and go all the time. do you all remember when it was cool to have toe rings? no one does. you can have a craze that's on the top of the world and fall into obscurity seconds later. that's exactly what i witnessed this week. the craze was short shorts. fashion friends of ours, Nathan and Alex brought this article of clothing to the fashion front lines this week. it was met with awe and warm reviews. to me it meant that Spring was finally here. Nathan, Alex and their fashion ally, Garrison were quickly the talk of the Fashion world. this fad was even approved by the one and only "queen on the scene" Kenny Breece. we thought it wouldn't end. Unfortunately, this craze had no chance of lasting after it was quickly imitated and worn by middle schoolers and black people. The once approving feeling turned into disgust. the fad met it's demise. I'm so sorry guys. we didn't want it to end like this.

Kenny Breece shows off the fad he was once proud of.

In the picture above I think Kenny looks like a hot waitress. like this lady. he's much prettier though. i think it's because of the Haircut

Rest in Peace short shorts. I guess the world wasn't ready for you.

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