Saturday, March 20, 2010

Winter Fashions revisited

Sorry about the lack of posts but you know i'm so busy drinking coffee and musing about my love of vinyl records. one day they will replace cd's again. i know it!

Well today is the first day of spring and it couldn't go any worse. God decided that Tulsa looked better with snow on the ground than with sunshine and happiness. This however inspired me to write about me and
sofi's sweater fashions. in winter, sweaters are very fashionable. this is for a couple of reasons. winter is cold so a lot of people wear heavier clothes. sweaters are heavier than most clothes. go ahead, pick one up if you don't believe me. because they're so heavy they keep people warm. being warm is good in winter so it works out. me and sofi have some pretty fierce sweaters.

I have a chic dog sweater

sofi has a lovely cat one

sometimes we wear our matching hoodies. it's alright that they're cookie monster. childhood characters are so passe.

i wore this one to my christmas party

i know she's not wearing a sweater but her outfit is so couture.

hopefully you found this helpful. it's not for me because i'm so ready for spring so i can show some leg.

love your Hipster


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