Sunday, March 28, 2010

Modest Mouse Couldn't Save The Night.

Expecting a retro 80's twist to our night, we headed to the skating rink, but when we saw all the middle schoolers and lesbians, our dreams were crushed. Suddenly the smell of Prepubescent children polluted the room as Justin Bieber's horrible mainstream music filled our ears with disgust. also it was such a turn off when one lesbian worker killed out fun by saying we couldn't drink coffee while we were skating. It was so not indie of her! To make it worse when we asked the DJ to play Modest Mouse he had no idea what we were talking about. It wouldn't have mattered anyway. This was one night that not even Modest Mouse couldn't fix. furthermore my bruises are a weird shade of purple that none of my accessories match! I really need some coffee right now.

Me and my hipster friends Lauren and Kirstin before our night was ruined.

Sorry if the picture is blurry, apparently Thomas can't take a decent picture in roller skates.

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